Hire Me

I am happy to provide character art and illustrations of your characters and creatures, whether from roleplaying games or otherwise.

Pricing examples (depending on complexity the amount can change):

If you are interested on hiring me, but the prices seem high, please send me your idea and budget anyways and I see what I can do to adjust within reason.



Character portrait    - $180

Portrait, waist up. Focus is on the face.



Character, no background    - $240

Full body. Neutral background. Focus is getting the character detailed from head to toe. 



Character in environment / Full illustration   - $1200

Full body. In a setting.

(For consideration, in this specific piece I'd add at least +25% on the price for the characters in the water.)


Add ons:
-Elaborate Character (wings, complex armour, full-body tattoos etc): +25%
-Small Pet +25%, Medium Pet +50%, Large Pet +100%
-Complex Background +50%
-Additional Characters +100% for each

-Use for Resale / commercial work / printing rights / etc.: +50% of total price
-Rush work / when the deadline is in less than 2 weeks: +100% of total price‍

You may not sell or exchange my art in any form, physical or digital, print or NFT, under any circumstances unless you have my express written permission AND you have paid for the right to do so.  You also may not use my art in any published material, even free material, on any online marketplace.  
In addition, any art I create is my own.  Unless exclusive rights are purchased, I retain all rights to use and monetize my art in any way I choose. This includes the sale of prints, digital originals or NFTs, online marketing, published materials, or any other merchandise.  

‍Please send your character’s physical description, backstory, and any references to my email. Sometimes clients leave out key details (ie, race, class, skin color, eye color, age, etc.), so be sure to be thorough! 

Hiring for a book/album/magazine cover, full illustration or concept art:

Send me an email with details of your project!

Email: leoVAL@mindwaker.net

Painting Process - 

‍Once the deposit specified below is received I'll send you the sketch within 1 week, and give you opportunity for feedback.
Once feedback is given and you've confirmed that you're happy to go forward with the sketch, I'll complete the piece within 2 to 6 weeks depending on my workload and the complexity of the painting, and send it to you for a second round of feedback.
After feedback I'll make any requested changes and send a low-resolution version of the final painting. If you would like further changes at this point, they will be charged at an hourly rate of $30.
Once I receive the remainder of the payment, I will send you the full size, full resolution painting.

Payment Policy - 

‍I require a 50% deposit to begin work. This deposit reserves your place in my pipeline, and is non-refundable. After the project has been completed to your satisfaction, I will ask you for the remainder. Upon receiving full payment, you will be sent the full-size, full resolution image.

I accept PayPal payments via this link:  


(Any money sent through this link before an agreement, is considered as a donation. No refunds.)

Thank you for your interest!   -Leo