Bor, The Emperor's Alchemist

On top of being a powerful alchemist and magician, Bor is also a healer and a servant of the emperor of the seven lands; Audrich Gwolyn, The Golden Fire of Vimme. Bor’s unorthodox methods of healing are frowned upon by the other healers, yet he remains the only person Audrich trusts with his health.
Bor’s malformed ears, blind eye, and ritualistic scarring seem to be almost underlined by the contrast brought by his colourful royal clothes and the expensive alchemical symbols that adorn them. With the help of his two apprentices, Bor has been conversing with the elder gods of the void - or more likely, has been used by them - for a good while. In his mind, however, Bor is certain that the void gods’ great power will be at his disposal should the need ever arise.